South Carolina Baptist Singing Churchmen
Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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How Can I Become A Member?

     Interested Individuals can join during our annual retreat or by attending any rehearsal on a concert date. Membership may be composed of musicians and staff serving South Carolina Baptist churches, their families, faculty and staff of S.C. Baptist institutions, and members of adult choirs who possess the necessary musical ability and are recommended by their music director.
     Members are expected to be faithful to the activities of the current year to achieve musical excellence. Do your best to attend rehearsals and concerts. All members are encouraged to attend our annual retreat. If attendance at the retreat is not possible, you may attend any rehearsal prior to a concert and join.
     Annual Dues are $35.00. There is a $5.00 discount if you pay during our Annual Retreat in August. Click here for our Membership Form: DOC or PDF.
          We have two options for our concert attire: 1) a navy-blue blazer with khaki slacks and our blue oxford button down shirt with the Singing Churchmen logo embroidered above the pocket. 2) khaki slacks and our royal blue casual shirt with the Singing Churchmen logo embroidered above the pocket. With both options, we wear black shoes and a black belt.
     The Savane khaki slacks we wear are ordered online from Belk's: or at Amazon: The blue oxford shirts are ordered online: The royal blue casual shirts are ordered via Roger Dail. Please contact him at: